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Get 300% More Site Traffic with Blogging: [4 Tips for Producing More SaaS Content]

Blog ‘til you drop: 4 Tips for producing more content for your SaaS blog.

Do you even blog?

Blogging is one of the oldest digital marketing tools and remains the most popular content format – and for good reason. Each month, 70,000,000 posts are published on WordPress alone..

Not only that, but blogs consistently funnel more traffic to sites than sites without a blog and drive more sales.

In fact, 60% of people cite purchasing a product AFTER they've read a blog post about it.

That’s why everyone does it! Right?

You know the answer to that...

Despite blogs benefits, few SaaS companies that have a blog are contributing to it.

Do you feel a tinge of guilt reading this? Are you in that group? Well, here are a few tips to help keep the content momentum going and produce more blog content.

Consider Blogging an Official Marketing Channel

Chances are you know exactly what you'll spend, to the dollar on each of your marketing channels. What have you allocated to blog management?

Consider this: Most people spend 3x more time reading blogs then they do email content.

And the best part? You don't even need an email list.

So stop messing around and throw down some resources on blogging. Make someone responsible to produce blog content and align it with your overall marketing strategy.

Treat it like the other marketing channels by setting a goal and measuring results.

How often will contributions be made, how long will the word count be and how often will blog content be shared?

Set a target, measure the results, and adjust based on expectations.

Despite it’s freeform appeal, blogging IS a discipline that requires a strategy. Check out this post from Hubspot on creating a Blog Strategy

Host Brainstorming Sessions

This is one of those overused terms that’s been conflated with ‘light thinking’. You know, putting on some tunes and sitting back, telling yourself you’ll think about it in the shower or the car.

That’s not brainstorming.

Here is how to brainstorm.

  1. Set-aside a block of 20-30 minutes. Brainstorming is mentally tiresome, so focusing for 20 or 30 minutes alone is optimal

  2. Use something visual, other than words, to place your ideas. Use a whiteboard or a collaborative visualization tool . Start with your product or offering, drill down to specific aspects that make up your product and then generate topics, ideas or starting points. A digital tool like mindmeister or lucid chart allows users to collaborate, comment and interact with the board.

3. Think, but don’t overthink. You don’t have to have the perfect topic or nail the title yet. Avoid scrutinizing or criticizing the ideas at this point. This is the idea funnel; the point is to generate as much as possible before narrowing it down to what you’ll actually focus on.

Share on Social Media and Engage with the Comments

Share your blog posts on social media, email and marketing collateral. Let people know it’s out there. Monitor comments and reply back.

Feeling like you are building an audience will make you feel like you need to continue delivering content.

Set an expectation of when blog posts will be created.

This can be done by letting your visitors know when new blog posts will be created and notifying your existing email list when new blogs are published.

Outsource Your Blog to Someone Who is Good at It.

Outsourcing your blog is a great way to build continual content.

A company that manages blogs are experts at producing content for a variety of industries.

They'll typically provide

  • Content Strategy Consultation

  • Blog Writing on a Consistent Schedule

  • Blog SEO

  • Ongoing Blog management

At We Write SaaS, we love writing blogs for our clients and we’re pretty dang good at it. Reach out to us for a free consultation and a 1,000 word blog post.


Creating a business blog that drives continual traffic is not hard but it does take planning and effort. It takes a sustained strategy that tries new things, evaluates results and continuously improves.

By treating blog content as another marketing channel, you can greatly elevate your SaaS product.


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