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Looking for a SaaS Blogger? [Here are 5 things to Pay Attention To]

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

SaaS bloggers are hard to come by. Especially good ones. It can be challenging to find someone with the right voice and the right skill set. Perhaps out of any blogging category, B2B software blogging is the hardest to fake.

Technical folks are really good at spotting bullsh$t - and believe me, they won’t hesitate to call it out.

So if you’re trying to find the perfect blogger for your B2B SaaS brand, here are a few things you’ll want to pay attention to.

They Write for Particular SaaS Verticals

Although SaaS is a niche itself, look for writers who are selective about a particular niche, such as DevOps, CRM, MarTech, ERP, or Project Management. If anything, it shows that they’re discerning enough to know their competencies. It means they’ve started to develop a voice in those verticals.

If other brands in your vertical trust them to write their blog, it’s typically a good sign.

Their Experience in SaaS Goes Beyond Writing

You don’t have to be an expert in something to write about it. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be that many writers. However, when looking for a B2B SaaS blogger, It’s best to look for someone with experience working in the B2B software space.

This could mean that they might’ve done marketing for a SaaS company or worked at any stage of the delivery process - like as a project manager, product owner, or developer. As I mentioned previously, It’s harder to fake it in SaaS - readers are slightly more discerning. So if they’re last role was as a part-time yoga instructor, it will probably reflect in their writing.

They Understand The B2B SaaS Funnel

Investing in a B2B SaaS tool is not a decision made easily. It’s a long buying cycle with tons of decision makers, demo’s, comparisons, and quotes. The goal is to take a prospect through the funnel to the purchase. This requires different approaches at each stage.

They Know Who They’re Talking To

A good SaaS content writer knows that they are communicating with different personas across the cycle.

At a high-level, these personas fit along a spectrum from user to executive. Each expect different content and a different voice.

Users are concerned with -

  • Features and Updates

  • Tips and Tricks

  • How-To

  • Tutorials

  • Comparisons

Voice: Approachable, knowledgeable, helpful

Executives are the ones who make the purchasing decision. They’re more interested in -

  • Benefits

  • Industry News

  • ROI

  • Buying Guides

  • Case Studies

Voice: Confident, Critical, Professional

They’ve got some ideas

A B2B SaaS blogger worth their weight won’t sit back and wait for you to send them ideas. They’ve got a pulse on their niche, and are great ideators.

Blogging is equal parts brainstorming and planning as it is writing. A SaaS blogger can push and generate great topic ideas.


Finding a good B2B SaaS blogger is more challenging than finding a writer in other niches. Readers are more discerning, and the sales process is more complex. Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re looking.

Of course, you can skip the due diligence and just hire me too.

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