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Why your SaaS Content Writing Should Sell.

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Try not to sound too sales-y

I can’t count how many times clients have told me this.

For years, there has been this notion going around that content marketing shouldn’t sound like copy.

No pitches, no call to actions, just pure, objective and academic information.

Please, have some respect for your reader’s intelligence. They know you want to sell them something, and their looking for your guidance.

I get the sentiment. I’m imagining the used-car salesman, thumbing his suspenders and following you through a row of cars, kicking tires and dragging on about all MASSIVE SAVINGS.

Unfortunately this message has been misinterpreted by marketers.

‘If we can provide enough free value, they’ll reward us by trusting us.…and when they’re ready to buy at some point, if we’re lucky, they just might choose us.’

How does that funnel sound?

Your content absolutely can and should

  • Be educational, substantial, and helpful.

But it should also...

  • provide an opportunity to purchase

  • explain HOW your product benefits them

  • Offer a free trial or no obligation consultation.

What companies are doing this well

Recently I was curious about the origin of the Oxford Comma. So I searched “what is an Oxford Comma?.”

Guess what ranked #1?

Cool. That makes sense. Grammarly sells writing software. Let’s check out the content.

It starts by clearly stating what an Oxford Comma is and why it’s debated. Notice anything else? There is a clear call to action.



It’s unobtrusive. It says “hey, we can help with your commas and stuff if you want. Try us out.”

Was I taken aback in horror? No.

It’s the perfect place to put a simple call to action. It doesn’t cheapen the content at all.

The article offers advice about mowing your lawn -all actionable, all practical, while still promoting their product. It makes sense that if you were interested in maintaining the health of your lawn, you’d look for something to help maintain your lawn.

Don't be afraid to make an offer

If you don't make an offer or provide a clear call to action don't be surprised when your competitor does - and wins. That's got to be worse than being accused of 'trying to sell'.

If you need help creating content that educates, informs, and converts - drop us a message.

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