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Sofy - Blog Writing \ Ghost Writing

Blog Writing | Ghost Writing

Sofy is a 100% no-code mobile testing platform. Since 2022, I've been working closely with them to write dozens of articles from technical guides to thought leadership pieces.

Several rank on the first page of Google for their search term.

Popular Blogs:

Test Automation Problems and Solutions

ChatGPT and Test Automation

Popular Selenium Alternatives

Shift-Left Testing & DevOps: Why Shift Left? | Sofy

Exploding Topics - Blog Writing

Blog Writing | Ghost Writing

Exploding Topics is an SEO Trend detection platform that crawls millions of websites to bring you trending topics. I ghotwrote several blog pieces that rank on the first page of google for their keyword.

Highest Ranking Blogs

How to Use Google Trends in 2023

Top AMZ Scout Alternatives

Top 7 Helium 10 Alternatives (2023)

Google Trends API

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Masters in AI - Landing Pages

Masters in AI highlights the country's top AI graduate course. I wrote high-ranking landing pages for several states, showcasing the top education programs.

State Landing Pages:




Owen Media - Ghost Writing

Owen Media provides PR services for some of the world's leading tech companies. Along with their team, I ghostwrote several long-form, informational, and thoughtful articles for highly circulated industry publications.

Work: Work
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